It was the year 1996, When Mr. Santosh Molassaria, Mr. Rajesh Jain, Mr. Subhash Bafna, Mr. Ramniklal Soni, Mr. Raj Kumar Jain, Mr. Ameet Dave and Mr. Lalit Sharda struck an idea of an organization for the benefit of commercial tax advisors. This idea started taking shape!

In order to sequence the thoughts and to lay the foundation of the organization, a brief meeting was held at Hotel President with the blessings and cooperation of all respected senior tax consultants Mr. PC Maheshwari, CA. DJ Dave, CA. Kamalchand Jain, Mr. JK Soni, Mr. MD Gandhi and Mr. HN Sharda etc. Thus on 13 January 2024, Commercial Tax Practitioners’ Association was formed.

Founder Officials

Mr. Santosh Molsaria as the founder president and Mr. Lalit Sharda as the founder secretary formed the first executive council for two years. Same team got a second stint for two years.


In view of the increasing number of members, the office bearers of the association started feeling need for election through democratic method. As a result a Constitution committee was constituted under the membership of Mr. Santosh Molasaria, Mr. Arun Maheshwari, Mr. Rajesh Jain, Mr. Lalit Sharda and Mr. Ameet Dave. On 12 August 2000, drafted constitution was presented before general body in a meeting. In the General body meeting, the Constitution was passed by voice vote.


।। ज्ञानम् सर्वत्र विजयते।।

Knowledge conquers everywhere


Ladder system was adopted for election in the association, which is a golden jewel of our organization. Elections are held every two years. Immediate three past presidents are appointed as election officers to conduct elections.


The main object of the association is to safeguard the professional interests of the members at large and to strive the high standard, name and dignity in the society. Study circle meetings, seminars are arranged to keep members updated with knowledge, current information and amendments of the tax law and to protect their interests. During Covid-19, the objective was fulfilled by organizing webinars.


Executive body works hard to make things easy for its members. The term of executive body is of two years. The untiring diligence of the office-bearers of a total of 12 executive bodies constituted so far, dutiful allegiance to the association and its members took the CTPA to the pinnacle and also got recognition at the regional level. Today it is a popularly known tax organization in MP.


CTPA is a group of people sharing a common profession or interest. Association provides platform to share their views and expertise over the taxation matters among fraternity friends.


So far, four physical telephone directories have been published, but keeping pace with the times, executive body (2019-2021) has taken a decision to publish digital directory for use by its members and tax departments as well.This digital directory was launched by the Commissioner of Commercial Tax (State GST) Raghvendra Kumar Singh (IAS) on Republic Day 2021.


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